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Message from the President - June 2020

Polonus and covid-19
The board and I sincerely hope all members and their families are safe, well, adhering to government guidelines, and protecting themselves during this difficult period. Polonus continues to work during lockdown ensuring our member services are provided.

Annual Meeting at balpex in September 2020
The balpex show committee has cancelled the show. Our bylaws require an annual meeting of members. We are working on plans to hold a virtual member meeting likely using technology such as Zoom video-conferencing. The Polonus board will also have a virtual board meeting and transfer of officers as planned after the recent election (see election results below). Polonus will endeavor to contact all our members once we complete planning for our virtual annual meeting. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

2020 Election Results
Election results were certified on March 31, 2020, and all candidates on the nominating committee slate have been elected. Welcome to John Dunn, Andrew Urushima, and Doug Carpenter as new board members. Remaining board members are Tom Bieniosek, Regis Hoffman, Ron Klimley, Jim Mazepa, and Bill Williges; I will remain on the board as immediate past president. We also thank Bob Ogrodnik, Ray Pietruszka, and Dan Lubelski for their efforts on behalf of Polonus as they leave the board. Normally installation of officers takes place at the annual meeting following an election, in this case, the previously discussed balpex show. We are already transitioning various responsibilities to those newly elected and ensure continuation of member services regardless of how the annual meeting at balpex evolves.

New Website, New Webmaster
Allan Clapp has retired as our webmaster and we thank him for all his efforts in putting the new website together. The new webmaster, Larry Fillion, began his duties effective April 1, 2020. Many of you know Larry from his various philatelic pursuits. He is arguably the consummate webmaster for philatelic websites. The new website launched mid-March and went through a period of testing and tweaking. There remain a few items to fix or improve, but overall this website is much easierto use and is more robust than the old one; it also costs us far less to operate and maintain. We hope everyone will take time to review its features. If you have suggestions regarding the new website please use the “Contact Us” option on the website to voice your comments. The new website does not require registration; if you were registered on the old site you will have the same password and can easily access the new site. You can also opt to change your password. If you were not registered on the old website you will need to request a password to access the new site. To change or get a new password use the “Contact Us” option on the website.

Polonus Store Website
Earlier this year the board decided to forgo a dedicated website for the store in favor of converting the existing Polonus Store Annex eBay site to a full-fledged eBay store with all the inherent advantages. This new eBay store was constructed over the last month and is now fully operational with more than 300 fixed price and auction lots. A major benefit for Polonus members is a 10% discount on purchases and guaranteed combined shipping costs, however, you must await an invoice to ensure your discount. The site can be easily accessed at

Dues are ... overdue!
Dues and donations can be paid via mail or the website using a direct PayPal link which makes the payment process very easy. If you have not paid your 2020 dues this will be your last Polonus Bulletin. We ask for your continued support of the society.

Volunteers Needed
Don’t forget we always have volunteer opportunities which help us keep the society strong. In particular we are looking for someone to take over the Polonus Store effort, so please let us know if you have an interest. This is a “virtual” position requiring only a computer and dedication.

Are you satisfied with Polonus?
We are only as good as our ability to service the needs of the membership. We need to hear from you if we are not providing an activity, service, or resource that would be helpful to you or other members. Feel free to contact me at


Ed Andrews, President