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Message from the President - September 2020

By Ronald J Klimley


In this, my first "Message from the President" I wanted to take a few words to introduce myself to those of you whom I wasn’t able to meet while in Chicago at our last meeting in November of 2019

I have been a stamp collector for almost 40 years joining the APS in 1982. My first exhibit was a topical exhibit on rugby that I showed at ROPEX in Rochester NY. While the exhibit didn’t do very well, poorly constructed on my part, I enjoyed getting to know other collectors and attending shows.

Like many I was a semi-serious stamp collector for a few years and then as college and life took over I put the stamps on the back burner. About 20-25 years ago I started to collect seriously again and my first efforts at collecting and exhibiting upon return to philately were almost exclusively in the area of first day covers. I tended to focus on World’s Fairs and was very fortunate to show my 1964-65 New York World’s Fair FDC exhibit internationally at NY2016. This was an experience that I enjoyed very much as I was not only able to exhibit, but I was also a featured speaker on first day covers during the show.

After spending a couple of decades focused on first day covers I decided that I was ready for a new challenge, and that is what led me to Polish philately, and Polish Hyperinflation specifically. I have always been fascinated by the many rate changes which take place during a period of hyperinflation. The opportunity to couple that fascination with my desire to immerse myself in Polish philately was too good to pass up.

I have been fortunate to serve on the Board of Directors for three philatelic organizations, and to collect, exhibit, and write about many of the things I collect.


The Board and I would like to sincerely thank Ed Andrews and all the members of the outgoing Board for their efforts during the past three years. Every Philatelic organization faces various challenges and I know that the prior Board met many of these challenges head on, and have provided us with a strong foundation upon which to move forward from.

Polonus October virtual meeting

By now we know of course that The BALPEX Show was cancelled and as a result we were unable to hold our annual members meeting during the show. You can read elsewhere in this issue about our plans for a virtual meeting that is tentatively scheduled in October. The Board felt very strongly that despite the challenges presented by COVID we should still hold our annual members meeting. There are quite a few philatelic organizations that have also transitioned to a virtual meeting as a way of keeping Society members informed and connected.

Looking forward

I have been asked a couple of times about what my vision is for the coming years. I would say that I think we have a tremendous opportunity to build upon the strong foundation which currently exists for Polonus. Gaining (recruiting) new members will always be an important objective. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. And keeping our membership levels healthy will be important in the coming years.

So why should someone join Polonus? Well just like any philatelic organization, members join when they see value in membership. Polonus can deliver that value to new members in the form of information and articles in our Polonus Bulletin, and support and friendship for other collectors who share a passion for Polish Philately. One of the first things I would suggest is that we all make an effort to introduce our philatelic friends to Polonus if they are not already members. Direct them to the website or to the Polonus store on eBay.

The next thing we can all do is contribute to the Bulletin. We have some phenomenal authors who have shared a wealth of information with all of us by contributing to the Bulletin. I know that we collect a wide variety of things within Polish philately. How about contributing an article? I know that there is a great deal of collecting knowledge within our membership, and the opportunity to share that with the rest of our membership is something I would encourage you to take advantage of. And who knows, when you write about your specialty you may be able to connect with someone who shares a passion for the same area. Our Bulletin will only remain strong and valuable as long as the content remains varied and relevant.

Finally, we are always in need of volunteers to help with various initiatives and to support various functions for the Society. If you have a few "free" hours and would like to become more involved, please reach out to me.

New Website

The new website is up and running. We will continue to make changes or updates as we can, and for that we need your suggestions and input. If you haven’t already been to the new website take a look. if you see something you like then let us know. if you know of something you would like to see then let us know that also. The website will only be as good, and useful, as WE make it. And for that we need your input.

If you have suggestions regarding the new site, please use the "Contact Us" option on the website to voice your comments.

Polonus Store Website

You can check out the material offered at

There is a full range of POLPEX material as well as Polonus logo items, and as an added benefit to members you will receive a 10% discount on purchases and combined shipping costs on all your purchases. (Please wait to receive the invoice for your purchase to ensure that you receive your discount.)

As your new board takes office I want to say that I thank you all in advance for your support and interest in not only Polonus but also in Polish philately.