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Interested in Polish Military History?

Several members have expressed interest in forming a study group related to Polish Military History encompassing various military activities and campaigns from the stampless period onward, especially during the early 20th Century and even the Generalgovernment period. Special stamps related to military use and military postal history will be the primary focus of the group. The study group would share research and other information among its members, trade or sell excess material, write articles for the Polonus Bulletin and otherwise share the camaraderie of Polonus members with like interests. To express your interest please contact George Skulski at

Interested in Polish Revenues or Cinderella Material?

Ed Andrews and several others have expressed interest in reactivating the Cinderella study group but adding Polish revenues to the mix. This study group has the intent of sharing research, general knowledge of various issues, swapping or selling excess material and publishing articles in the Polonus Bulletin. The group would also aim to update listing in the Barefoot Poland Revenues catalog as new material is discovered and researched. If interested contact Ed Andrews at

Message from the President - December 2020

By Ronald J Klimley

Wesołych Świąt

I wanted to start this month by wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season. 2020 has been a strange year but like you I am looking forward to a great year in 2021.

COVID has affected us all and naturally philately was impacted as well. 2020 began with shows being first postponed and then ultimately cancelled, including our own planned show at BALPEX. These show cancellations are disappointing because it prevents us from getting together to renew friendships and view some wonderful Polish Exhibits. But the unusual circumstances did provide us with an opportunity to host our very first virtual membership meeting.

As of this writing shows planned for early next year are already being canceled and we can just hope that the announced vaccines are successful at beginning to bring an end to the pandemic so that we can return to a more normal life. And we can get back to philatelic exhibitions!

Dues are Due and contact information

Your 2021 dues notice will be mailed in December. Please pay your dues promptly as this aids our treasurer, avoids reminder notices, and eliminates the risk of you missing future issues of the Journal. Contact our treasurer, Bill Williges, if you are unsure of your dues status (billwilliges@gmail. com). You might also consider paying for multiple years or a life membership as each is an easy way to ensure your dues are paid for future years. Please also consider a donation; we are small society with tight resources and every extra dollar we receive makes a difference.

Payments can be made via mail or the website. There is a direct PayPal link on the website which makes paying easy. I thank you in advance for your continued support of Polonus.

And when you are paying your dues why not take a few moments to ensure that we have your most current contact information and email address. As we look to potentially hold virtual member meetings email will be a great way to communicate.


During our Board meeting during the summer it was resolved that we would send a letter of thanks to Ed Andrews out Immediate Past President and Robert Ogrodnik our previous Past President to recognize their unique contributions to Polonus. This has been done and both Robert and Ed have received their letters.

Polonus October17th virtual meeting

We held our first ever virtual Polonus membership meeting on October 17thand there were a total of 20 members in attendance. We heard a review of the past year from our Immediate Past President Ed Andrews as well as a review of Society finances from our Treasurer, Bill Williges. We also heard from Roger Stafford who provided some insight and suggestions about estate planning basics, especially as it relates to stamp collecting. The final piece of advice from Roger was to always consult with a local attorney who can provide you with advice and counsel specific to your location. Good advice indeed!

I think all attendees agreed however that the highlight of our meeting was a presentation by Regis Hoffman on the subject of Polish Refugees in Africa following WWII. Regis showed a variety of postal history documenting the camps which existed in Africa and elsewhere through which refugees traveled on their way to a more permanent settlement. He was also able to provide a tremendous amount of background information on the individuals involved which Regis has been able to uncover during his research on the topic. One of the points that Regis made, and that resonated with me, was that many of the cards and covers were only identifiable as refugee mail if you took the time to closely inspect addresses, names, and/or additional postal markings. All the examples Regis showed were not obvious. It is truly an example of a collector (Regis) who really knows his topic and as a result is able to uncover some real gems.

Thanks to all attendees, and a special thank you to all the presenters!

2021 and beyond

As we move toward 2021 there are a few things that I would like to begin to focus on for the Society and I would appreciate your input on these suggestions.

Virtual Meetings: During the virtual meeting, it was suggested that this might be a great way for members to remain engaged even if travel continues to remain difficult into the new year. In addition, it is difficult some times for members to travel to meetings. A virtual meeting would be a way for us to continue to connect, and to share some of the great Polish Philatelic collections that our members currently have.

Digital Archive: A great deal of work was done to scan many of the Journals which resulted in a digital archive of the first 300 or so issues of the Journal. There remains a gap however and I would like to go back and revisit a digital archive of Journals. In addition, I would like to make this a searchable archive to ensure that the information remains as accessible as possible.

Journal Contributions: I have been fortunate to spend a bit of time chatting with members about their collections and interests in Polish Philately. I would like to encourage you all to consider contributing to the Journal. As you all know some wonderful articles have appeared in our Journal. But I would like to encourage those of you who have not yet written an article to try it. There are so many topics that are yet to be covered in the pages of our Journal, and there are plenty of folks who would be more than willing to assist if you are considering an article.

Polonus Store: Many of you have taken advantage of all the wonderful material available at the Polonus store. At this time, we are in need of a member who would be willing to manage the store in their spare time. Thanks to Ed Andrews the store is set up and much of the material is already pictured and in the store as your aware. At this time, we need someone to manage the store on an ongoing basis, and fulfill orders as they come in. In speaking with Ed it because the store is established it does not take a great deal of time, but the benefits to the Society are enormous. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know.

New Website

I would like to apologize, a few of you may have noticed that the website was down for a couple of days during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It is back up and running and thanks to Tom Bieniosek who heads our Communications and Bill Williges our Treasurer we were able to get the problem resolved and the site online again. Special thanks also to our new web master Larry Fillion for initially identifying the problem.

If you have suggestions regarding the new site, please use the "Contact Us" option on the website to voice your comments.

Polonus Store Website

You can check out the material offered at

There is a full range of POLPEX material as well as Polonus logo items, and as an added benefit to members you will receive a 10% discount on purchases and combined shipping costs on all your purchases. (Please wait to receive the invoice for your purchase to ensure that you receive your discount.)