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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4604, 4605 - Issued 03-06-2015

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These two stamps, denominated 2.35 zl and 5.20 zl,, depict traditional decorated Easter eggs ("pisanka") from two different regions of Poland.  The 2.35 zl stamp shows a purple egg from the Opole region of Silesia near the Oder River in southern Poland, an area also famous for its baked Crumbly Cakes.  The 5.20 zl stamp shows a red egg from the Kurpiowska or White and Green Mountain Forest region of northeastern Poland.  In addition, two colorful postal cards showing decorated  Easter eggs were also issued;  one denominated 2.35 zl shows a pink egg, and another denominated 1.75 zl shows a green egg.