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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4607 - Issued 03-31-2015

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This 2.25 zl grayish stamp recognizes the award-winning Polish movie entitled “IDA” that was directed by Pawel Pawlikowski in 2013 and written by him and Rebecca Linkiewicz.  The film won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, thus becoming the first Polish film so honored.  Set in Poland in 1962, the film is about a young woman who is about to become a Catholic nun.  As an infant, she had been orphaned during World War II.  She is advised by her prioress to visit her only known relative, an aunt Wanda.  Upon locating her aunt, she discovers that her parents were Jewish and that her real name is Ida Lebenstein.  They visit her birthplace and later she experiences profound transformational changes in her life.