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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 187 - Issued 02-24-2015

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Witkacy - Creator, Visionary


This 5.20 zl stamp celebrates the 130th birth anniversary of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, commonly known as Witkacy, the famous Polish writer, philosopher, playwright, novelist, and photographer, born on February 24, 1885, in Warsaw.  Home schooled by his parents, he pursued a wide array of artistic interests.  As a writer and novelist, his books included “Insatiability” and “Farewell to Autumn.”  He employed the use of drugs in his artistry.  And after the Soviets invaded Poland, he committed suicide on September 18, 1939, in Velyki Ozera.  The stamp shows a photograph of him together with colorful cats.