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Fischer# pending - Issued 05-13-2007

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200 Years of Warsaw University

200 Years of Warsaw University

This 5 zl stamp recognizes Warsaw University, founded in 1816.  The stamp shows the hall of pillars in the historic building department at the university (Sala Kolumnowa w Budynku Wydzialu Historycznego).  It has been the largest university in Poland since the early 1930’s, and now has over 50,000 undergraduate students in 37 different fields of study.  The school was founded at the time that the partitions of Poland had separated Warsaw from the oldest and most influential Jagiellonian University in Krakow.  Tsar Alexander I granted permission for its establishment.  It was closed during the November Polish Uprising in 1830, then reopened in 1857, only to be closed again in 1869 after the failed January 1863 Uprising.  In an effort to “Russify” Poland, it became a Russian language university until after World War I, when it was resurrected as a Polish institution.  After closing again during World War II, the school was reopened in 1945, and has since continued to grow.



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