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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4681 - Issued 05-08-2007

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This 5 zl stamp depicts a hand that is painting an environmentally friendly European landscape.  The left side of the stamp shows old Europe in gray, with electric transmission lines and clouds of air pollution.  The right side shows a bicyclist riding past solar electric panels and wind turbines colored in green.  The official theme for this year’s EUROPA stamps is “Ecology in Europe – Think Green.”  Since the first issue of EUROPA stamps in 1956, these annual issues from the nations of Europe symbolize a desire for closer integration and cooperation.  Next year’s EUROPA theme will be “castles.”




Date of Issue                           May 9, 2016


Sheet Format                          Single in Pane of 9


Printing Method                      Offset


Designer                                 D. Sergidou