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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4682 - Issued 05-10-2007

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World Youth Day Krakow 2016

These two stamps, denominated 2.50 & 6 zl, portray Pope Francis greeting young people at the World Youth Day festivities held in Krakow on July 25-31, 2016 (Swiatowe Dni Mlodziezy Krakow 2016).  This international Catholic event occurs every 2-3 years at different locations around the world.  Saint Pope John Paul II initiated this event in 1985; the last such event in the Philippines had over 6 million attendees.  The theme for this year’s event is “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew 5:7).  The event follows after Poland’s celebrations of the 1,050th anniversary its Christian conversion.  Krakow has expanded its communication and transportation network for the special event, and also renovated local schools to accommodate the pilgrims.  Pope Francis will lead a televised Way of the Cross procession from the city’s Divine Mercy Sanctuary, followed by a prayer vigil on youth issues near the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and a final mass in Krakow’s Blonia Park.  The festival will also feature a tent museum with Vatican exhibits, and concerts and exhibitions at more than 100 locations.  In addition to the stamps issued in three different formats, a numbered blackprint SS was also issued for collectors.




Date of Issue                           May 10, 2016


Sheet Formats                                    2 Stamps: One in Sheet of 50 & Pane of 4;


& Another in Numbered SS


Printing Methods                    Photogravure for Sheet & Pane; and Photogravure


                                                & Steel Engraving for SS


Designer                                 Agnieszka Sancewicz