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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4672 - Issued 03-03-2007

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This year’s Easter (Wielkanoc) stamps portray three decorated eggs (pisanki) from the regions of the Hutsuls (Hucul), Lemkos (Lemkowie), and the Lublin area.  There are several different kinds of decorated Polish Easter eggs based on the technique and preparation used.  Originally a pagan tradition, these eggs now symbolize the revival of nature in spring and the Christian hope that derives from faith in the resurrection of Christ.  The 2 zl egg design derives from the Hutsulshchyna region in the SE Carpathian Mtns of Galicia, Bukovynia, and Transcarpathia, inhabited by Ukranian highlanders called Hutsuls.  The 2.50 zl egg shown is traditional to the Lemkos (Lemkowie) ethnic group found in the Carpathians, now mostly in Slovakia.  After World War II many Lemkos were forcibly deported to different areas in Poland and Ukraine.  In the Polish Census of 2011, about 11,000 people identified themselves with Lemko nationality.  The 6 zl purple egg shown is traditional to the Lublin area.  Lublin is the 9th largest city in Poland and largest city east of the Vistula River, about 106 miles SE of Warsaw.  The city was spared from severe destruction in World War II, resulting in the preservation of its unique historical Old Town.  Two very colorful official first day covers were issued for these stamps.




Date of Issue                      March 3, 2016


Sheet Format                      3 Stamps, Each in a Sheet of 100


Printing Method                          Photogravure


Designer                             Agnieszka Sancewicz