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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4678 - Issued 04-02-2007

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The Extraordinary Jubilee of the Compassion

This 2.50 zl stamp shows the special art logo conceived by the artist and theologian Marco Rupnik to honor the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy (or Compassion) (Nadzwyczajny Jubileusz Milosierdzia) that was declared by Pope Francis.  In the Bull of Indiction (Misericordiae Vultus), Pope Francis called for a holy year from December 8, 2015, to November 20, 2016, honoring the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council.  Ordinary jubilees or holy years are called every 25 years in the Catholic Church.  In calling for a holy year outside the normal cycle, the Pope emphasized a special theme.  This year’s theme is mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation in order to emulate God’s loving mercy toward us.  The mosaic in the logo and shown on the stamp is symbolic of the Good Shepherd or Good Samaritan, who in his great mercy, takes humanity upon himself.  Marco Rupnick was born in Slovenia in 1954 and ordained as a priest in 1985;  he received doctorates in 1991 and 2013, and now works in the Church in Rome.




Date of Issue                      April 2, 2016


Sheet Format                      Single in Pane of 12


Printing Method                          Photogravure


Designer                             Maciej Jedrysik