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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4668 - Issued 01-22-2007

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50th Anniversary of First Successful Kidney Transplant in Poland

This 1.75 zl stamp recognizes the first Polish kidney transplant successfully completed 50 years ago by Prof Tadeusz Orlowski and Dr Jan Nielubowicz in Warsaw.  Both men are shown on the official first day cover.  The stamp shows a tree with the top half alive and green and the bottom half leafless and black.  In 2013, the first kidney transplant by robot was performed by head surgeon Wojciech Witkiewicz in Wroclaw;  the Da Vinci robot system was used for the surgery.  There are 24 organ transplant teams in 20 centers in Poland today, and since 1966 over 14,300 kidneys have been transplanted.




Date of Issue                      January 22, 2016


Sheet Format                      Single in Sheet of 50


Printing Method                          Photogravure

Designer                             Agata Tobolczyk