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Polonis Polish Philatelic Society
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Fischer# 4667 - Issued 01-21-2007

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250 Years of the Warsaw Mint


This 2.35 zl stamp recognizes Poland’s Mint on Bielanska Street in Warsaw that has operated intermittently since the late 18th Century.  In 1764 the Royal Elections chose Stanislaw August Poniatowski for king, obligating him to implement monetary reform and establish a mint to produce coinage;  and on February 10, 1766, this was accomplished.  Beginning in 1791 the coins minted at the Warsaw Mint were inscribed with M.W. or M.V. (Monitaria Varsoviensis), thereafter the mint mark for all its coins.  In 1796 the Mint was closed after the 3rd Partition of Poland, but was restarted for a short time in 1810.  On February 10, 1966, the 200th anniversary of the mint, it was officially recognized, and since then every February 10 is celebrated in Poland as Mint Master’s Day.  Today the Mint of Poland (Mennica Polska) is the only producer of coins in Poland, including the 5 zl, 2 zl, 1 zl, 50 gr, 20 gr, and 10 gr values, manufactured to the order of the Polish National Bank (Narodowy Bank Polski).  Since 1994 the mint was transformed into a private company, and it began trading on the Polish stock exchange in 1998 as State Mint Plc.  The gold-colored stamp portrays a symbolic woman in the likeness of a classical Greco-Roman goddess holding a coin.




Date of Issue                      January 21, 2016


Sheet Format                      Single in Pane of 8 with Center Tab


Printing Method                          Offset & Hotstamping


Designer                             Agata Tobolczyk