Gold Rush in San Francisco!

Polonus held its annual meeting and exhibition at WESTPEX 2023. Polonus was well represented with 11 Exhibits with 59 frames. This represented over a quarter of the show’s frames which was the most of any participating society.

550th Anniversary of the Birth of Copernicus

This 3.90-zł stamp honors Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikołai Kopernik) (1473-1543), the famous astronomer and mathematician who postulated the heliocentric theory that the earth was a moving heavenly body, one of the planets, that all revolved around the sun.

Groszy Stamps 1915-1918

For many years I have been dealing with the subject of local posts in occupied Poland during the First World War. Building my collection, I began to ask myself why are the stamps of the local posts in Warszawa and Przedbórz denominated in groszy?

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