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APRL Introduction

The American Philatelic Research Library moved into new quarters at the American Philatelic Center in 2016. The new library consists of two floors and has twice as much space as the old one, which has made a number of improvements possible. Philatelic journals are a major part of the library’s collections (approximately 6000 journal titles), so almost all of the shelf space on the second floor is devoted to journals. In the old library, bound issues of journals were shelved separately from loose issues. Now all issues of a journal, bound and loose, are shelved together. As before, journals are shelved in alphabetical order according to title. Recent issues of English-language journals are shelved separately; they are located on the first floor in the back of the library in a lounge area supplied with comfortable chairs and reading lamps. Also located on the first floor are books, stamp catalogs, auction catalogs (the library has auction catalogs from over 2000 different companies), government documents, and the reference collection. The new library provides more space, tables, and chairs for users than was possible before. It now has study carrels, a rare book room, a map room - and even a gift shop which houses the APS Stamp and Cover Store, where philatelic material donated to the APS is on sale.

The following illustrations will give you a visual perspective of the library consisting of a photo with summary of the APRL offering, and the layout of two floors of the new library.

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