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Polonus Bulletin

Since November 1940, the Polonus Polish Philatelic Society has published over 500 Bulletins in the English language, addressing virtually every aspect of Polish philately. This represents the longest period of uninterrupted service of any Polish philatelic publication, here or abroad. All memberships, i.e., those who opt for the Print version Bulletin and those who opt for the Digital version Bulletin, have access to a Digital Bulletin on this website.

For access to the topics listed below, click on the appropriate submenu item under Bulletin on the left.

  • Index - Recommend going to “Intro” block for description of how to navigate the index.
  • Digital Issues - Clicking on this submenu item will access a page describing the Digital Bulletins available, however, you must be a member and login to access the Bulletins. Guests (non-members) may review the contents of a Digital Bulletin by accessing the “FREE BULLETIN” below.

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