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Collecting Poland

This section provides information that helps you in collecting Polish stamps and philatelic material, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned philatelist. For access to topics listed below, click on the appropriate submenu item under Collecting Poland on the left.

  • Introduction to Collecting Poland - An article that describes the many ways of collecting Poland stamps. This historical perspective explains the geographical and political changes that resulted in a wide variety of specialization and collecting interests. It also answers the question, “Why collect Poland?”
  • Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) - This item will take you directly to the website of Polski Zwiazek Filatelistów, the main philatelic organization in Poland, equivalent to the APS in the USA. Presented in five languages, click on the British flag for English.
  • Where to Buy / Sell - Listing of dealers and auction houses who are recommended sources of Polish stamps and related material.
  • Przedbórz Issues - This item will take you directly to the home page of the Przedbórz Stamps Website, created and maintained by Polonus member Sam Ginsburg. This is an excellent example of an area of specialization that can be both, challenging and rewarding.
  • Dr. Kronenberg Collection - A reference collection by a highly regarded Polish philatelist to help distinguish genuine from forged issues.