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Polish Stamp Expertizing Services

Polonus does not provide an expertizing service, however, the following list of experts are recommended and available for expertizing in their respective areas of qualification.

American Philatelic Society
Expertizing, c/o Gary Loew
100 Match Factory Place
Bellefonte, PA 16823
814-933-3803 x205
General Poland including Krakow and Gniezno issues

Bogdan Pelc
Gütlingstr. 4
14167 Berlin
+49 172 13158581
Poland #1, all postal history to 1914

Stefan Petriuk
Neue Str. 3
D-24977 Langballigholz
General Poland, Port Gdansk, Central Lithuania

Zbigniew Korszen
Skr. Poczt.82
00-950 Warsaw 1
All areas of Poland

Janusz Berbeka
Skr. Poczt. 100
61-890 Poznan
All areas of Poland including locals and plebiscites