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Introduction To Collecting Poland

The most comprehensive catalogue for identification of Polish stamps is the FISCHER KATALOG TOM I & II (Vol I & II). The first volume covers the general area of stamps issued and the second volume covers the specialty areas. The text is in Polish but with the help of a terminology translation in the catalogue, a non-Polish speaking collector could understand the entries. The catalogues are renewed every 3-4 years.

Other catalogues that are commonly used are:

  • MICHEL the most popular catalogue for German speaking collectors has Poland (German: Polen) in an Eastern European catalogue and not as comprehensive as FISCHER
  • SCOTT the most popular US catalogue in the English language and the least comprehensive of the three catalogues mentioned

In addition, good sources of information regarding Polish philately are websites and societies.

  • Stamp Encyclopaedia Poland (website: is an online catalogue for stamps of Poland and related areas. This award winning website contains 10,000 images and 2,200 pages. A highly recommended online catalogue for the English-speaking collector.
  • Polish Post (Poczta Polska) (website: is an English language website with news of new issues and a program for the purchase of stamps directly from the Polish Post.
  • Polonica (website: is a bi-lingual website (Polish and English) that covers subjects for which the Polonica collector has interest.
  • Catalogue of Postage Stamps (Katalog Znaków Pocztowych) (website: is another online catalogue for stamps of Poland. A “google-translator” is available for the non-Polish speaking collectors.
  • Polish Philatelists Union (Polski Zwiazek Filatelistów) or commonly known as „PZF”(website: is the Polish Philatelic Society located in Warsaw. The website is primarily in Polish but English via “google-translator” is available.
  • Polonus Philatelic Society (website: is the world’s leading English language organization dedicated to the promotion and study of Polish philately.
Proceed to Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI