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Join Us

Membership is a two-step process: (1) complete the membership application, and (2) pay the membership dues. You have a choice of completing the two-step process online or by mail. To join online, select the “Digital App.” from the submenu and pay dues by selecting “Pay Dues & Donations” (via PayPal) from the submenu. To join by mail, select the “PDF App.” from the submenu and, together with a personal check for dues, mail to Polonus at the address indicated on the application.

Please note, dues which include a subscription to the Polonus Bulletin and full access to the Polonus Website vary depending on your decision to:

(1) Opt to receive on demand access to Digital versions of the Bulletins on the Polonus Website from anywhere in the world for annual dues of $25**.

(2) Opt to receive Print version of the Bulletin via mail for annual dues of $30** in North America or $40** outside North America.

** Dues are pro-rated quarterly. See details on back of Membership Application.