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Message from the President - March 2021

By Ronald J Klimley

I have heard from several of you regarding the delay in our December issue. I would like you to know that we hear you and are working diligently to ensure that going forward we are able to deliver the Journal on a more regular, and as scheduled, basis. I know that especially during the times we are in right now, with COVID and a lack of in-person shows, The Journal becomes an even more critical link which keeps us informed about what is happening with our Society. In addition, the Journal provides us with all things "new" in Polish philately, and also delivers a few great articles written by our members.

As of this writing the delivery of a vaccine is well underway with more and more people receiving the vaccine every day. This will hopefully allow us to get back too many of the things we have missed over the past year, like being able to meet in-person at a philatelic show. (More to come on that in a bit!)

Dues are Due and contact information

If you have questions about your dues or you are unsure of your dues status, please use the contact link on the website or send a note to our treasurer Bill Williges (billwilliges@gmail. com). You might also consider paying for multiple years or a life membership as each is an easy way to ensure your dues are paid for future years. Please also consider a donation; we are a small society with tight resources and every extra dollar we receive makes a difference.

Payments can be made via mail or the website. There is a direct PayPal link on the website which makes paying easy. I thank you in advance for your continued support of Polonus.

And when you are paying your dues why not take a few moments to ensure that we have your most current contact information and email address. As we look to potentially hold virtual member meetings email will be a great way to communicate.

2021 Annual Membership Meeting

Many of you are aware that our original plan was to conduct our annual membership meeting at the Great American Stamp Show (GASS) in August in Rosemont Il. As of this writing there was still some uncertainty regarding the show and whether it would be held. In addition, after following up with some members there was still a concern about travel in August. Even though the vaccine is more widely available each day, in consultation with the Board it was decided that a more prudent decision would be to forego meeting at GASS.
Polonus is headed to Chicagopex!!!

Members expressed the feeling that with three additional months of recovery from COVID the ability to travel was much more likely. As a result, arrangements are well underway to host our 2021 annual membership meeting at Chicagopex scheduled for November 19-21 at the Westin Chicago Northwest. I certainly encourage you all to begin planning to attend. I am looking forward to a great show and it will be a pleasure to be able to visit a show again for the first time in many months.

Dues are Due and contact information

If you have questions about your dues please use the contact link on the website or send a note to our treasurer, Bill Williges, if you are unsure of your dues status (billwilliges@gmail. com).

2021 and beyond

As we move toward 2021 there are a few things that I would like to begin to focus on for the Society and I would appreciate your input on these suggestions.

Virtual Meetings: Although we are (hopefully) beginning to get ahead of the COVID pandemic the idea for virtual meetings is still one being considered. We know that we will meet once a year at our annual meeting, but it would be good to also connect virtually if we can make that happen. More to come on that.

Digital Archive: As a quick update, I wanted to let you know that more work has been completed on making all back issues of the Journal available digitally. Tom Bieniosek continues to work of completing this very important initiative. Thanks, Tom!!! More to come on this, and especially help or tips on how to access them. For those of you who have had a look at some of our back issues you know that there is a wealth of research and information in those journals. And if you haven't had a look I encourage you to do so.

Journal Contributions: Articles continue to come in, but we are always in need of new contributions, and especially new authors. I know it can seem like a daunting task to write a stamp article, but I promise you that once you write your first, the rest will come much easier. And my offer from last Journal still stands, if anyone is interested in starting an article but needs some help just let me know.

Polonus Store: Many of you have taken advantage of all the wonderful material available at the Polonus store. Don't forget to stop in the Polonus store on eBay. There is some amazing Polpex material in the store and remember that your purchases help the society.

You can check out the material offered at the following link.

There is a full range of POLPEX material as well as Polonus logo items, and as an added benefit to members you will receive a 10% discount on purchases and combined shipping costs on all your purchases. (Please wait to receive the invoice for your purchase to ensure that you receive your discount.)