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Polish Stamps

This section contains information about stamps issued by Poczta Polska (Polish Post), both old and new issues. For access to the subjects listed below, click on the appropriate submenu item under Polish Stamps on the left.

  • New Issues - Recent issues from the Polish Post as featured in the Polonus Bulletin with a brief historical background.
  • Polish Post (Poczta Polska) - This item will take you directly to the website of Poczta Polska, the official postal organization of Poland. You will find the website available in three languages, including English (identified by the British flag). This site also provides an opportunity to directly purchase new Polish issues at face value with purchase by credit card.
  • Polish Stamp Catalog (KZP) - This item will take you directly to the website of Katalog Znacztki Pocztowe (KZP), a catalog with a comprehensive description of every stamp issued by the Polish Post, including illustrations, stamp specifications, Fischer catalog number, etc. The content of this site is available only in the Polish language, however, by clicking on "Znaczki" you will find it relatively easy to navigate and find the stamps of interest.
  • Polish Stamp Encyclopaedia - This item will take you directly to the website, a comprehensive coverage of all stamps issued by Poland, including regular issues from Poland No.1 to date, officials, postage dues, plebiscites, locals, military post, et al. Developed and maintained by Ben Nieborg of The Netherlands, this site is available in the English language.