Exhibit  Mentoring



As a free service to its members Polonus provides assistance to exhibitors in a number of ways. One is through our awards program and another is by pairing new (or even experienced) exhibitors with a knowledgeable mentor. Polonus is lucky to have many members who are exhibitors. Among that group there are also five accredited judges, of whom two are internationally qualified, and two of which are APS Accredited Chief Judges. So there is a lot of talent available for Polonus exhibitors to tap into. The program is informal. You simply make contact to discuss your interests and needs and we find someone suitable to work with you in exhibit development and refinement.

Contact Regis Hoffman, Chair of Exhibits & Awards. He can be reached at rgmmhoffman@comcast.net or by phone at 412-889-3408 (East Coast time zone).

We look forward to your joining the Polonus exhibitor cohort!