Poland: Lublin Postal Administration

Provisional Postal Cards

December 1918-1919

Treatment and Importance

This Postal Stationery exhibit follows the traditional development of a stationery exhibit and is perfectly suited for a one frame exhibit.

Poland became an independent country on November 11, 1918. At that time they did not have their own stamps. The two largest postal administrations, Warsaw and Lublin, provisionally overprinted the stamps of the former occupiers into Polish stamps and stationery. While in Warsaw, the Germania postal cards were overprinted into a multitude of varieties, certainly at least over 50 types. In the Lublin Administration only two Austrian field postal cards were overprinted in Polish cards. This exhibit is about those two cards.

It is important to note these are the first issues of a new country.

Personal Research

In collaboration with my partner in Poland we distinguished the two printing forms of the 15 halerzy card. We have also done a preliminary census of known cards (see below). Also, the confusing postal rates are presented in an understandable, chronological order.


The progressive proof page 1 ( called simply a “proof’ in the Polish catalog) is a major rarity of the Lublin issue. There is no congruence with the numbers printed and recorded uses (25hal, 15,000 printed/perhaps 15-20 known uses; 15hal, 35,000 printed/perhaps 30-40 known uses). The public did not like to use the stamps/cards of the former occupiers even if overprinted. The official Polish government stamps/cards were soon issued and preferred. For the used cards an effort has been made to show those with some additional aspect of special interest. Many, many of these cards were postmarked and handed-back and then addressed and even messages added. By experience and study one can distinguish these. This is beyond the scope of this exhibit. Due to the scarcity of material, this is the most comprehensive exhibit of this issue ever formed.


Condition of these fragile cards is typical for the time.


Mazepa, Dr. James and Puchala, Robert, Provisional Stationery for the Lublin Postal

Administration: 1918-1919, Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol.93, #6 Nov.-Dec. 2014

Awards: CHICAGOPEX 2022 – OFE Grand