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Welcome to the Website of the Polonus Polish Philatelic Society

The world's leading philatelic organization dedicated to the study and promotion of Polish philately in the English language. Founded as a Chicago stamp club in February 1939, Polonus has expanded its reach to a global membership with emphasis on education, research and service programs. The Polonus Bulletin, published without interruption since 1942, represents the intellectual property of the society and is considered by members to be a major benefit. Whether your interests are Polish stamps, Polish postal history, or simply learning more about Poland's history and culture, explore this site to discover the many benefits offered by the Polonus Polish Philatelic Society. You will find that membership is worth considering.

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The POLONUS POLISH PHILATELIC SOCIETY STORE is now open and available for purchases on eBay. Our sales on eBay are intended to reach a wider international audience than the Society website or our quarterly publication, the Polonus Bulletin. Please read the whole announcment with full information: PolonusStoreAnnouncement.pdf

On March 25, 2022, Poczta Polska issued a special postage stamp showing the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag and the red and white colors of the Polish flag, and inscriptions reading "Jesteśmy z Wami" and "Mи з Baми", which mean "We are with you." The first day ceremony for the stamp was conducted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warszawa, with the deputy ambassador of Ukraine and the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister in attendance.

The stamp is denominated as Priotytetowy S, which is the class of mail in regular envelopes (S), receiving priority (next day) service within Poland. It sells for 4.50 zł. Poczta Polska notes that the introduction of this issue into circulation in such a short time was possible mainly due to the enormous commitment of the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW), which completed the order for the production 3,000,000 stamps in record time. Poczta Polska stated that "While enjoying the freedom and independence of our homeland, we cannot pretend that the current situation in the world does not concern us. No one else understands better than the Poles the need to fight an invader."

The official FDC for the issue depicts a sculpture of the goddess Brzegini (Ukrainian Berehynia) standing on Independence Square in Kiev, popularly known as Majdan, symbolizing the independence of Ukraine.
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