Useful  links

AAPE – American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors
A worldwide organization of stamp collectors that exhibit their collections competitively and work together for the betterment of philatelic exhibiting and judging standards.

APS – American Philatelic Society
Largest nonprofit organization for collectors of stamps and postal history.

ATS Notes – World Paper Money, Banknotes
Anna & Tom Sluszkiewicz offer a huge selection of world paper money, bank notes, notgeld, etc. A helpful resource for Poland collectors can be found on the site, “An index of German-Polish and Polish-English name of the localities in Poland and Russia”.

ATA – American Topical Association
Largest nonprofit organization supporting collectors of stamps by topic or theme vs. by country.

i-KF – Internetowe Koło Filatelistów
Affiliate of PZF using the internet as the virtual meeting place for global members. Focus is on promoting Polish philately in the Polish language but a section for English language visitors and contributions by Polonus is available. This site also includes digitized versions of Polish philatelic journals, such as Przegład Filatelistyczny.

LPS – Lithuania Philatelic Society
This organization promotes the collection of stamps and philatelic history of Lithuania. It serves its membership in the Lithuanian and English languages.

Poland and World War II – A philatelic history by Roman Skulski
This is a chronological and philatelic explanation of Poland during WWII and its trials and tribulations. The treatment in this website is historical and philatelic from a Polonica (Polish stamps issued non-Polish countries) standpoint.

Polish Association of Philatelists
Paolski Związek Filatelistów or Polish Association of Philatelists is the primary organization of philatelists in Poland. PZF publishes a monthly magazine titled Filatelista related to Polish philately.

Polish Post (Poczta Polska)
This item will take you directly to the website of Poczta Polska, the official postal organization of Poland. You will find the website available in three languages, including English (identified by the British flag). This site also provides an opportunity to directly purchase new Polish issues at face value with purchase by credit card.

Polish Stamp Catalog (KZP)
This item will take you directly to the website of Katalog Znacztki Pocztowe (KZP), a catalog with a comprehensive description of every stamp issued by the Polish Post, including illustrations, stamp specifications, Fischer catalog number, etc. The content of this site is available only in the Polish language, however, by clicking on “Znaczki” you will find it relatively easy to navigate and find the stamps of interest.

Polish Stamp Encyclopaedia
This item will take you directly to the website, a comprehensive coverage of all stamps issued by Poland, including regular issues from Poland No.1 to date, officials, postage dues, plebiscites, locals, military post, et al. Developed and maintained by Ben Nieborg of The Netherlands, this site is available in the English language.

Polonica – Poland as a Subject of Foreign Stamps
This site is dedicated to identifying every stamp issued by a country about a Polish subject, other than Poland. It is presented in both the Polish and English language.

Rossica – Russian Philatelic Society
Rossica Society is a world-wide society devoted to all aspects of Russian philately, from the pre-stamp days of Imperial Russia to current post-Soviet philately. The purpose of the Society is to unite all philatelist throughout the world with an interest in Russian philately.

Troyak – Polish Canadian Coin & Stamp Club
Large Toronto, Ontario area Polish stamp and coin collectors’ club. Very active membership.

UPNS – Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society
An organization whose mission it to unite collectors of Ukrainian stamps, postal history, postcards, coins, banknotes, medals and other collectibles.