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The POLONUS POLISH PHILATELIC SOCIETY STORE is now open and available for purchases on eBay. Our sales on eBay are intended to reach a wider international audience than the Society website or our quarterly publication, the Polonus Bulletin. Below you will find the major categories of material available on the new Store site. We generally have between 250-300 offerings monthly. A direct link to the Store is at the bottom of this page.

POLONUS MEMBERS receive an automatic 10% discount on all purchases (does not include shipping and handling costs). However, to assure your discount wait for an invoice after purchasing. We will recalculate your total to include the discount and combined shipping.

Net proceeds from all sales go to Polonus to further our mission. By buying from us rather than others offering similar material you are assisting the hobby and promoting Polish philately.

Search our offerings for material as listed below:

POLPEX SHOW MATERIAL. The Store provides a complete inventory of POLPEX material including souvenir sheet year sets, POLPEX show cards and related show covers with special cachets and cancels. If you need something not listed it is probably out of stock and unavailable. However feel free to contact us with special needs and interests.


POLONUS PUBLICATIONS. Here we list currently available Polonus publications, specialty catalogs (when available) and reference material. In some cases this material has been reprinted by us since original stocks have been depleted. The item description will let you know if a given publication is an original or a reprint.

POLONUS LOGO ITEMS. This category includes various items such as lapel pins, shot glasses and personalized postage that have the Polonus logo.

RESALE OF DONATED PHILATELIC MATERIAL. The site also offers a wide variety of philatelic material that has been donated to the Society for resale. This varies from month to month and includes worldwide philatelic material and ephemera. If you wish to donate material to the Society for resale, please contact us.

HOW TO FIND AN ITEM. Once you are on the Polonus Store eBay page you can search for items using the menu of categories found on the left of the page. Or, you can search by year or term in the store browser. By example, if you are searching for POLPEX material enter the word “Polpex” followed by the specific year you are seeking. All items related to that year will be shown.

Visit the Polonus Store on eBay!