About Us




The Polonus Polish Philatelic Society is the oldest and largest society in the USA dedicated to the study and promotion of Polish philately.

Founded in February 1939 by Chester Mikucki, Polonus grew from a “local Chicago club” into one of the largest and most active specialized philatelic societies in the world, and now boasts an international membership. The word “Polonus” was reportedly created by Kopernik (Copernicus), the famous astronomer, who, when attending the university at Padua, Italy registered as “Kopernik; nationality, Polonus.”

Mission & objectives



Dedicated to the advancement and promotion of all aspects of philately of Poland and its related areas through education, research and services.



  • Promote and encourage the philately of Poland in the English language.
  • Foster good relations, fellowship and cooperation among philatelists.
  • Provide members with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of Polish philately through publications, lectures and exhibitions.
  • To aid in the detection and prevention of forgeries and fraud in connection with Polish philately.
  • To promote an understanding of Polish culture, literature and history through philately.
  • To promote the postal emissions of Poland.