The Seven Months of Marienwerder Plebiscite Stamps

The Part of the Polish Corridor Named Kwidzyn

Purpose and Scope

Single frame exhibit that shows the various stamp issues associated with the Merienwerder Plebiscite in the ceded portion of West Prussia known as the “Polish Corridor,” March 1920 through August 1920.


Chronological showing of issues with examples of papers, colors, plate configuration, printing and plate varieties and limited commercial uses. One philatelic card is shown only because it is dated July 11, 1920, the day of the actual Plebiscite vote.

No archival material is in the public domain. All major aspects of production are shown but not every variation is included. However representation of material is appropriate for the subject. The showing of watermarks is no small feat as these are not uniform on sales sheets and to make composite presentations takes time and effort. Similarly, sheet margin imprint copies are cataloged at 300% over the value of single copies. In the case of this exhibit large multiples of these margin imprints are shown.


The subject is an appropriate “fit” for a single frame showing given the limited number of issues and short time of use.


Only two items are identified and quantified as rare. In the Germania overprint section [page 9] is a previously unreported 5 Mark overprint pair which includes a fold-over of selvedge. On the last page is a money letter of which less than 100 have been recorded.

Guidance through the Exhibit

Headers are bolded on first use of a section or topic then muted gray until a new section or topic.  Text is Palatino Linotype of various fonts, mostly font 12. Item descriptions are in Sylfaen 10 or 11, while philatelic analyses and descriptions are in Italicized green font for easy recognition. Important or unusual items have bolded text. Rare items are quantified and are either boxed in maroon or double matted on gray and maroon. Expertized items are designated with the symbol ©.


The best reference is the Michel Specialized catalog section on Marienwerder, available through APRL.