Reissue of 1945 Hero Issues Bearing New Values and Colors

(1945 Traugutt 25 Groszy Stamp with Surcharge 5 ZL/22.I.1863)


The purpose of this exhibit is to illustrate the proofs, plate defects, color and perforation variations of the 25 groszy Romauald Traugutt stamp with the 22.I.1863 and 5 złoty denomination change surcharge. The exhibit also includes a study of the surcharge itself.

January 1945 marked the 82nd anniversary of the 1863 January Uprising. One of the leaders of the uprising was Romauald Traugutt who was distinguished with his portrait on the 25 groszy stamp of the September 1944 three-stamp Wodzowie (Heroes) series. The Ministry of Post made the decision to reissue the 25 groszy denomination stamp to commemorate the anniversary, utilizing the original 25 groszy Traugutt plate.


Outline of Exhibit

  • Proofs and unfinished stamps
  • Surcharge properties
  • Stamp properties
  • Usage

Key items highlighted in black mounts

Major items have been certified as genuine by accredited experts of the Polish Philatelic Union (PZF)