Postal Services in Liberated Poland

July 1944-1946

Purpose and Scope

As the Second World War was ending, Poland faced the arduous task of reestablishing its postal services. During 1944-1945 different parts of the country were liberated at different times. Two series of stamps were used. Mail was serviced by civilian and military offices. Postal material and cancellers of the former occupiers were manipulated and reused until a unified Polish Post (Poczta Polska) was created in late 1945 into 1946.

Exhibit Outline

1. End of German Mail To and From Poland
2. Letters Paid in Cash
3. Stamps Introduced in the Lublin District: Wadzowie Issue
4. Stamps Introduced for General Use: Goznak Issue
5. Use of German Postal Material
6. Military Mail: Russian and Polish Field Post Offices
7. Provisional Cancellations